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Exhaust are an important factor to a vehicle to ensure that you get the best fuel economy possible and reduce the CO2 emissions produced by your car.

By keeping your exhaust system well maintained it allows your vehicle to give maximum fuel and environment efficiency, as well as a quiet, healthy engine and a smooth ride.

If you feel like your exhaust is knocking or blowing the noise it makes can be a good indicator of the probable cause.

  • A loud roar could signify a hole in your exhaust pipe
  • A persistent rattle may mean part of the exhaust is loose
  • A tinkling sound could be a problem with your silencer
  • a chugging noise could indicate a blockage in the system
  • A hissing sound often indicates a crack in a gasket, pipe or in the manifold

Exhausts replace or repair

We have a range of top brand, full and part system car and van exhausts and catalytic converters to fit most makes and models all at competitive prices.

We will only replace or repair areas that are damaged or require replacement

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